– Bottoms Up Knitted Knockers Tutorial for DPN
New and improved way to KNIT A KNITTED KNOCKER.
PLEASE NOTE IF A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PATTEN AND VIDEO FOLLOW THE PATTERN! The pattern was revised 5/28/17 reversing round 1 and 2. Either is okay but for sizing the revised pattern results in an accurate stitch count for each size.

Click Here for our “BOTTOMS UP PATTERN” for double point needles (DPN).

Here’s our Approved Yarns list:

Approved Knitted Knockers pattern made on DPNs for that is an easier start than the original DPN pattern with the same great result. The original Knitted Knockers on DPNs pattern is still great if you want to continue using it but this tutorial is for the simplified “Bottoms Up” version.

Click Here for our Sizing Chart:
Our Sizing video:

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Video Table of Contents:

Introduction 0:00
Starting a Knocker 05:05
Transition to Turning Rows 22:30
Sizing 28:45
Turning Rows 31:12
Top Section 39:10
Nipple or No Nipple 48:43
I Cord for Nipple 54:59
Finishing Your Knocker 01:01:18
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Link to download Bottoms Up Pattern

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Our original Knitted Knockers Knit tutorial

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See all the great insight for the best pattern, best yarns, optional styles and sizes, and the most effective way to knit and prepare knockers that work best for the majority of our breast cancer survivors.

Make A Knocker

Our goal is to spread the model of regional groups of kindhearted knitters sharing their time and talent to hand craft these beautiful works of art as free gifts of inspiration and compassion for breast cancer survivors everywhere.

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20 thoughts on “ – Bottoms Up Knitted Knockers Tutorial for DPN

  1. This will be my first time knitting the Knockers! You ladies in this video are so fun to knit along with 🙂 Thank you for these wonderful tutorials to follow to help ease our angst in getting started on this wonderful project.

  2. How odd! I am starting to knit a knocker for myself (had double mastectomy last Friday) so, I downloaded the pattern but also ~ as I am a visual ~ follow you on your video… but… your pattern and the one I downloaded are different in the sense that what you are doing is kfb the first stitch as MY down pattern says knit to the last stitch and the knb the last stitch. Maybe I am not landed yet from the surgery but… will it look the same? I presume but just would like to know why they are different…

  3. I am  kitting my first knitted knocker and appreciate this video.  I've received the kit and started knitting this morning, your video has given me confidence.  I'm a seasoned knitter and know I can do this.

  4. Hi, this will be my first time making these and I'm so happy to have found the group. I've learned magic loop as my only circular method (taught myself online after a lifetime of only straight needles). The Magic Loop pattern I downloaded is the start with 3. Is there a video using the Magic Loop method with this new bottom up DPN pattern? Or would I just put 7 stitches on one needle and 8 on the other and would it matter whether on the front or back needle? I'm hoping for a video but I know you may not have one for that. You're about the busiest people I know! Thanks so much :D!

  5. The pattern you have at your site REVERSES what the pattern on the video indicates (and what the two ladies do). I started and pulled out my first knocker 3 times because it just wasn't working out. Are you aware of this error?

  6. I just heard about these Knitted Knockers and found the site. I watched this video and plan to get the right yarn and make some soon. I heard the "Queen" Loreen say to be sure not to knit the tail and I want to share what I do, because I have done that, too. I tie the tail into a bow on my projects (maybe even a double one!) and that works to show at a glance where it is! Try it, you'll like it! M.E.

  7. I also use needle tip protectors to help keep the stitches on the needles especially when I get to the 2 purl rows. Works great. You have to move the protectors to the bottom of the needles when you turn but I haven't dropped a stitch since.

  8. Thank-You for this pattern! I had trouble starting the knitted knockers so I was crocheting them only cause I am more comfortable crocheting. The problem is I always like the way the knitted ones looked..I have not registered yet cause I never thought my knockers looked nice enough. But my crocheted ones were very appreciated by my friends that as I gave them too.I have had breast cancer twice. Both times I had Surgery that left me with part of my breast removed but I still have some breasts. All that to say my thoughts always go to the idea if my cancer comes back I can NOT have any more chemo. SO Someday I might need a pair. But for now I make them and give them to whom ever I know needs them. The more I make hopefully with this pattern I will like what I make and I will send you some. Keep up all your hard work. I love this video.It is the best one to follow as well as easy to do. 🙂 You ladies are truly a blessing.Thank-You Brenda

  9. Thank you for the new pattern. I had been struggleing with the very start when you have so few stitches on the needle that I wanted to pack up the half finished knocker and unused yarn and send it all back to you. My husband said"why do you punish yourself". I said  "I am not going to let this take the best of me" So I decided to watch the tutorial again and found the new pattern. So I will try again with enthusiasm.

  10. After a bazillion tries at the regular DPN pattern, I tried the magic loop pattern several times, but kept flipping stitches. With this new "Bottoms Up" pattern, I finally made a beautiful size C at the correct gauge in the first try. WooHoo! Wish I could attach a picture….maybe on Ravelry. Thanks for sharing with the world. When I get really good, I will either send some to you, or find a place locally that accepts them. You Rock!

  11. Hi I love the pair I have – How do you decide the size? Also, is that a knitted knocker ring that you are wearing – Love it~ Would love one!

  12. Thank You Ladies! I love mine, they r just so comfy! I really need a lil bigger sz., but if this is the biggest, then that will have to do!! You all, are just so SPECIAL!

  13. I love this new way. I"ve been using the previous pattern, and always had a counter on hand to make sure I was on the right row. But this way I won't have to think to much about what row I'm on. Can't wait to try this new pattern. When I use short needles I put end pointers on to prevent the yarn from falling off.

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